ProArbor has been providing excellent tree removal services to clients in the Northern Virginia & Metro DC area since 2004.

Tree Removal Services in Northern Virginia

While ProArbor prefers to focus our efforts in caring for trees, there are situations when removing a tree is necessary, such as if:

It’s a hazardous tree that has a structural defect that makes it likely to fail — and is beyond the point where other methods (such as installing a support system) would help. When the hazardous tree is adjacent to buildings, walkways, driveways, roadways, or utility wires, it poses significant risk to people, pets, and property.
The tree threatens the health of other trees and shrubs nearby. Its removal can allow competing species a chance to develop and mature.

In any case, please do not attempt to remove a tree on your own. Doing so would risk serious injury to yourself, your property, and the people around you. Tree removal is complicated, and demands refined techniques, specialized equipment, and highly qualified arborists. That’s why ProArbor is happy to serve you in Northern VA and Metro DC for Tree Removal. Contact us today or call (703) 943 – 7433

Why Choose ProArbor For Your Tree Removal Services?

ProArbor Tree Removal Experts 

We’ve been removing trees in the Northern Virginia and Metro DC area for over 15 years, meaning that we can remove your trees in landslide time and with maximum levels of safety for both our tree care experts and pedestrians. Our team is highly trained to remove trees for both emergency and non-emergency situations, using the proper techniques and teachings of arborists to ensure a clean area after the problem tree has been removed. It will be as if the tree was never even there.

ProArbor’s Tree Removal Expert Qualifications

Our tree removal experts adhere to best practices and ANSI A300 tree care standards to ensure a safe and quality job. Some of our tree care credentials are listed below:

    • Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) Accreditation
    • International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborists
    • State certification and licenses
    • Full insurance coverage

Reasonably Priced Tree Removal

Although the price of tree removal can vary by size of tree, crew needed, location, equipment, etc. we can still guarantee the most reasonably priced tree removal in Northern Virginia. Tree Removal quotes are always priced upon the custom aspects that our client provides, not an outrageous flat rate that local companies charge for Tree Removal. Choose ProArbor for honesty and integrity.

Tree Services Available

Pro Arbor understands that tree removal is an absolute last resort for homeowners and commercial places of business, but sometimes it has to be done especially if it is a hazard to the people around you. Tree Removal is very meticulous and requires expert ability, that being said we do not recommend performing a tree removal yourself. Call the Tree Removal experts at ProArbor instead.

At ProArbor we are well versed in everything related to trees of all sizes. We offer Tree Trimming, Pruning, Utility Tree Trimming, complete Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, and much more. We provide an unmatched level of service and guarantee customer satisfaction. We take pride in our work every day. We strive to keep up with and use modern tree care techniques. Our work is also conducted by tree specialists with decades of experience. Whether you need a large dead tree removed from a tight spot, need a delicate garden tree pruned, or anything in between, we can help. Please contact us with any questions you may have. We’re here to help you with your trees and landscape.

Tree Removal Service Areas

ProArbor is proud to serve Northern Virginia and Metro DC for all Tree Removal services. With one look at our reviews, you’ll see we are a reputable and compassionate tree service company. We are also a full-service tree care provider that offers more than just Tree Removal. Our experts at ProArbor can take care of Stump Removal, Trimming and Maintenance, and overall Tree Care from our excellent team of Arborists.  

We offer Residential Tree Removals as well as Commercial Tree Removal and Landscaping services. See our service areas list for more information about your city.

About ProArbor

Our goal is to preserve, protect, diagnose, and care for all of your tree and shrub needs. At ProArbor, we’ve been taking care of your trees since 2004 in Northern Virginia to preserve the beauty and strength of your trees.

ProArbor provides a level of tree care superior to any competitor in Northern VA and the DC Metropolitan region. Because of our continued commitment to ProArbor’s founding principles, the 10 Points of Customer Service, we’ve expanded our tree care services in Northern Virginia for golf courses and residences over the years of success, as well as to HOAs and government corporations.

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You can rely on us for all of your Tree Removal service needs

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