Golf Course Tree Care

ProArbor understands golf course superintendents are responsible for the experience of their members and that on a golf course, the requirements for tree work varies. We know that the operational hours of the golf maintenance team are crucial, as is the need to maintain a clean work site to ensure a pristine, beautiful presentation is upheld.

You can trust ProArbor for our:

Superior Tree Knowledge

ProArbor arborists are continually participating in green industry education programs and taking the classes required of professionals in this industry.

This means that the best and most current practices will always be employed on the golf courses we serve. ProArbor’s teams have the knowledge of pest management, disease control, lightning protection and species-specific treatment for all of the trees on your course – meaning good decisions can be made with every tree.

Respect for Property

Having worked on some of the finest golf courses in the country, the ProArbor teams are knowledgeable and employ the best practices and processes necessary when treating a golf course.

From the equipment that is used, to the specially trained technicians that are employed, our golf course team is specially trained to work on golf courses and in golf course tree care.

Only the best climbers are used at ProArbor – some of which are ISA competition champions. When equipment is necessary on the course, ground protection is always employed. All our personnel are acutely aware that everything on the property is precious and to be treated with care, employing the highest level of safety protocol. All ProArbor personnel are trained weekly on safety procedures.

Understanding Turf Management

As tree experts, ProArbor knows that the trees with which they work are often at odds with the primary asset of a golf course, which is the grass. Perfection in turf is paramount in golf course management. Since trees more often than not stand in the way of good turf, our experts face the challenge of maintaining trees without harming turf.
ProArbor’s teams have been meeting this challenge head-on for over a decade, and continuously collaborate with superintendents to assure that trees do not interfere with the playing surface, or the game being played. Golf course tree care best practices, combined with an understanding of the turf’s needs, create a balance that results in the best possible golf course – thanks to the professionals at ProArbor.

The 7:00AM Team

At Pro Arbor we learned years ago that the workday must start early in golf course maintenance. We are aware of the time restraints in maintenance, and we appreciate that we are most often paid on a daily rate schedule. Obviously, we should be expected to work a full day, and that is not likely if we do not start when you start.

Having heard of frustrating projects in which contractors do not actually start working until after 9:00, we arranged our operating procedures to ensure that we always start working on your course at 7:00 am. In the golf season, we can adjust that time to an even earlier start. The result is that our teams get more done for your money.

We feel strongly that we must work within the unique realm of golf course maintenance in order to maintain our position as the preferred vendor for most of the Mid Atlantic and Virginia region of golf courses

ProArbor has served the Washington DC Metro area golf courses for many years and continues to grow working with them understanding their needs and providing excellent service. Many Golf Course Superintendants have Ferris at ProArbor on speed dial. There are no long-term contracts. Like the game of golf itself, it is a well understood gentleman’s agreement!

ProArbor Golf Courses We Serve

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River Creek Club

Scott Cornwell, Leesburg, VA
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Winchester Country Club

Scott Cornwell, Winchester VA
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Montclair Golf Club

Mike Owens, Dumfries VA
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Potomac Shores Golf Club

David Walter, Dumfries VA
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Hartefeld National Golf Club

Joe Betcher, Avondale PA

Now Alexandria, Arlington and Springfield, VA homeowners are able to get the same great tree care services that many of our Golf Courses and Government clients receive here in Northern VA area and the DC Metro region.

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