How to Cover Surface Roots of Trees in Your Lawn

There is precious little space to grow turf grass and flowers in a suburban lawn. When there is a large tree in the way that task can seem nearly impossible. The roots of the tree are often near or even above the surface, making it difficult to grow anything else.

There is a solution. No, you do not have to cut down the tree. The shallow roots are a result of the poor soil conditions at deeper levels in your lawn. Improving the soil quality in these deeper zones will allow your trees to have a deeper root structure. This, in turn, will make the top layer of soil able to support the root structure of turf grass or garden plants. It is recommended that you hire an arborist to assess your soil conditions and recommend a plan of action.

At Pro Arbor, our arborists have developed a soil remediation system that properly aerates the root zone of trees in urban and suburban lawns. With optimal oxygen levels and irrigation, suburban trees gain deeper root zones and make the top layer of soil available for grass and plants.

You do not have to choose between your lawn and your trees. An arborist can show you how to have both.