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ProArbor has been providing excellent tree pruning services to clients in the Northern Virginia & Metro DC area since 2004.

Tree Pruning Service for Alexandria, Springfield, Arlington & Northern Virginia

The ProArbor teams employ the ‘ProArbor Ten Points of Perfect Customer Service’ to ensure that all of our clients are managed and serviced to meet – and preferably exceed – the Customer Service Expectations for their tree trimming services.

In Northern Virginia & Metro DC, tree trimming can be a hassle and it can be a nuisance if it’s not taken care of. In some situations, not properly a tree that is on your property can lead to HOA fines.

Our tree trimming process incorporates equipment and methods that provide our clientele with the most value, targeted to their specific needs for the care and management of the trees on their property.

ProArbor is dedicated to serving customers who seek the best possible experience from a tree trimming service.

ProArbor’s tree trimming is a vital part of the Northern Virginia & Metro DC community. We take pride in the beauty of this great region and we want to do our part to make it look great every day.



Tree Services Available

At ProArbor we are well versed in everything related to trees of all sizes. We offer Tree Trimming, Pruning, Utility Tree Trimming, complete Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, and much more. We provide an unmatched level of service and guarantee customer satisfaction. We take pride in our work every day. We strive to keep up with and use modern tree care techniques. Our work is also conducted by tree specialists with decades of experience. Whether you need a large dead tree removed from a tight spot, need a delicate garden tree pruned, or anything in between, we can help. Please contact us with any questions you may have. We’re here to help you with your trees and landscape.

About Our Tree Pruning Services

Pruning a tree is the act of taking away part of its structure by making specific and deliberate cuts to branches. The reason to prune a tree varies by species, placement, health condition, structure, and desired contribution to a space. All of the reasons to prune a tree are equally important. However, nearly half of the requests for arborists to prune trees are made with the prequalification: “I want to do what is best for the tree.” With this in mind Pro Arbor arborists approach tree pruning by first understanding why pruning is being considered at all.


The only pruning that actually benefits a thriving and healthy tree is that which can be called structure pruning. Structure pruning involves removing portions of the crown of a tree that, if permitted to grow, would eventually contribute to injury or failure in the tree. Limbs within the crown of a tree can sometimes grow in a way that would put them in conflict with other limbs. When branches touch each other the contact points of those branches develop injuries due to the friction of bark rubbing together. These injuries become structural defects that can lead to branches or even trunks breaking. So removing conflicting branches from the crown of a tree promotes a structure in the crown that is stronger when the tree reaches full maturity. Branch angles in the crown of a tree affect the tree’s eventual structure, so a skilled arborist considers the angles of all branches in the effort to optimize the tree’s mature form. This process, when started early enough in a tree’s development, can lead to a mature tree that is stronger and healthier than it would have been without an arborist’s care.


So when a Pro Arbor arborist is asked by an owner, “what would be best for the tree,” the focus becomes largely the structure of the tree and whether or not it could be improved by pruning. Since there are many trees that have natural structure that would not be improved by pruning, many consultations with Pro Arbor arborists result in the decision to not prune a tree at all.


The rest of the reasons to prune a tree are for the benefit of the property, landscape, buildings, people, and other plants in the area where it grows. These reasons are equally important since the tree is only a piece of the built environment in which it lives. Every tree in a landscape must serve to make the landscape better than if it were not there, or else it would have to be removed for the good of the landscape. Limbs that encroach upon space needed for other plants, buildings, outdoor living areas, streets, walkways, or even views must be removed in order for a tree to actually be a functioning part of the landscape. Since these kinds of pruning are not really for the direct benefit of the tree’s health, consideration must be given to performing the task in the least harmful way. That is why an arborist is valuable in the process of pruning trees.



Pro Arbor’s tree pruning specialists will advise owners as to the best time of year to prune trees so that the cuts that are made in the process heal quickly and are least likely to harm the tree. This can vary by species, age, and condition of a tree. In the end, the owner of a tree makes all of the decisions regarding tree pruning. Pro Arbor’s tree care professionals strive to inform those decisions in a way that optimizes each property that we serve.


Why Choose ProArbor?

We Take Tree Care Seriously

Your trees are as important to us as they are to you. We recruit the top professionals in the arborist industry. Each and every arborist on hand at ProArbor is ISA certified and has a thorough understanding of soil chemistry and plant biology, and receives continual training in the most progressive methods used to maintain the safety and health of trees.

Quality And Safety Are Our Priority

Our arborists adhere to best practices and ANSI A300 tree care standards to ensure a safe and quality job. Some of our credentials are listed below:

    • Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) Accreditation
    • International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborists
    • State certification and licenses
    • Full insurance coverage

All ProArbor Tree Services Are Customized To You

The products and practices your arborist recommends are tailored to the unique needs of your trees and soil, the conditions of your property, and your preferences and priorities for your landscape.

Service Areas

ProArbor Tree Care Services is proud to serve Northern Virginia and Metro DC. With one look at our reviews, you’ll see we are a reputable and compassionate tree service company. We are full-service arborists who can assist you with all your tree care needs. If you’re a resident in Springfield and need your trees pruned, or if you’re in Arlington and you need a tree removed off of your property, ProArbor is happy to help the community of Northern Virginia.

We offer Residential Tree Care services as well as Commercial Tree Care and Landscaping services. See our service areas list for more information about your city.

You can rely on us for all of your arborist service needs.

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