Using all of the industry’s resources, including national standards, research in arboriculture, agronomy, and technical rigging, we will provide a level of tree care that is superior to any competitor.
The ProArbor teams employ the ‘ProArbor Ten Points of Perfect Customer Service’ to ensure that all of our clients are managed and serviced to meet – and preferably exceed – the Customer Service Expectations for their tree trimming services. In Springfield, Virginia, tree trimming can be a hassle and it can be a nuisance if it’s not taken care of. In some situations, not properly a tree that is on your property can lead to HOA fines. Our tree trimming process incorporates equipment and methods that provide our clientele with the most value, targeted to their specific needs for the care and management of the trees on their property. ProArbor is dedicated to serving customers who seek the best possible experience from a tree trimming service. ProArbor’s tree trimming is a vital part of the Springfield, Virginia community. We take pride in the beauty of this great region and we want to do our part to make it look great every day.

ProArbor Tree Care Services for SPRINGFIELD Include

Tree Removal Services in Springfield, Va

Springfield, VA Tree Removal

Sometimes a tree may cause more risks— such as property damage, personal injury, problems with pests or diseases— than rewards, necessitating removal. Our tree removal services use the safest methods to get rid of unwanted trees without endangering people’s safety or your landscape.

Tree Trimming Services in Springfield, Va

Springfield, VA Tree Trimming

Do your trees have dead or dying branches? Then, tree trimming is your best bet. Tree trimming removes disease-causing pests and pathogens on your trees, thus improving their appearance and lengthening their lifespan. Our tree trimming services are customized to meet our clients’ preferences. Trust us to leave your green spaces neat and tidy all year long.

Tree Pruning Services in Springfield, Va

Springfield, VA Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is good for the proper structuring of your trees. If left unpruned, most tree species can develop weak and conflicting branches. These structural problems can cause injury or property damage. At ProArbor, our arborists will help you with pruning and improve the value of your trees. As tree structure experts, we understand the correct crown removal procedure needed for your specific tree species.

Signs You Need ProArbor, The Best Tree Maintenance Company in Springfield, VA


overgrown tree removal

Tree Overgrowing Its Space

Have your tree’s roots interfered with the power lines, sidewalk, or your building’s foundation?

If so, it has outgrown its allotted space and needs urgent removal. Besides ruining the aesthetics of your place, they can cause significant and expensive damage. Our tree removal experts are always ready to help you remove the tree before it causes any serious losses.

natural disaster tree removal

Safety Risk

When a tree in your property changes its form and structure like leaning on one side, it may be a warning sign for serious injuries or damages. Regularly inspect the state of your trunk to notice such warning signs early enough.

Protect your clients or loved ones by contacting our arborists for professional Springfield tree removal.

dead tree removal

Dead or Diseased Trees

Dead and decaying trees can result in falling branches that can be disastrous. Signs of a diseased tree include discolored leaves, lack of buds, fallen barks, and stunted growth. A tree with these signs needs urgent removal before it causes any damages.

Our routine tree maintenance services include regular inspections to catch on the diseased and dead trees early and remove them safely.

Springfield Tree Removal, Trimming & Maintenance Services

Tree Care Services In Springfield, VAProfessional and trusted commercial and residential tree care services in Springfield, VA for a beautiful outdoor environment.

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Professional Tree Care Services Near Springfield, VA You Can Count On

Trees are some of the most substantial assets in your landscape. Whether you plant them at your home, golf course, or commercial space, they provide great benefits including improved quality of air, enhanced curb appeal, noise reduction, and more. However, trees need regular care and maintenance so that they can blossom and grow for longer.

Springfield AREA Tree Care Service

If you want to improve the safety and appearance of your landscape, regular tree maintenance is necessary. Routine tree care will help you notice cracks, cankers, and exposed roots that may cause major and expensive problems in the long run.

From regular watering to mulching, our routine tree maintenance services will make your trees grow healthy and safely. Call us today and let’s take that tedious tree landscaping project off your hands.We provide professional, reliable tree service in Springfield, VA.

This is where ProArbor comes in handy. Our arborists use state-of-the-art industry equipment and proven eco-friendly methods to maintain your trees.

Choose the #1 Tree Care Company Near Springfield, VA

Superior Tree Knowledge and Experience

Springfield Tree Removal & Maintenance ServicesFor over 15 years, we’ve been serving our clients with effective tree removal services in Springfield and beyond. Our arborists are trained and well-equipped to make your green spaces beautiful and refreshing. Our strict adherence to local codes and extensive research in arboriculture make our Springfield tree removal service superior and trusted by homeowners and business owners.

Prompt Arrival

We understand that a damaged, diseased, or outgrown tree is an emergency situation. This is why our arborists always show up on time to mitigate the risks that the trees may cause. So, if you need urgent tree removal, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll show up at your location as soon as possible and remove the tree fast and in a non-disruptive way.

Safe Work Practice

Our Springfield tree removal company values the safety of our clients and staff. This is why we enforce protective measures during tree removal. Our arborists always wear PPE to protect them during tree removal. Apart from putting up warning signs, we also ensure everyone is evacuated from the tree removal site.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction by offering tailored tree maintenance services to meet your unique needs. We provide tree removal services for residential homes, golf courses, and commercial properties.

Even better, our services are eco-friendly, thus conserving your green spaces. If you have any issues with our work, feel to call us. We’ll come back and correct the problem. We rarely get called back for a job we’ve done because we always strive to offer top-notch services at one go.

Work with the Best Springfield, VirginiA Tree Care Company

When it comes to protecting your green landscape, ProArbor is the best Springfield tree care service. Our expert arborists understand every stage of your tree’s growth, providing the best methods to maintain and remove your trees. We uphold high standards of professionalism, aiming to satisfy all our clients.

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