As most Arlington residents know, some of the largest, oldest, and most impressive trees in Northern Virginia can be found in Arlington. Like any trees, these giants sometimes must be pruned for the safety of those underneath them. But unlike the younger, smaller trees elsewhere, these older trees do not tolerate poor pruning practices. The older and larger a tree, the less ability that it has to recover from over-pruning or poor pruning cuts. Wounds take longer to heal, allowing entry for disease and pests. Canopy grow-back is slow in larger trees, and they tend to react instead by growing water sprouts on the stem which, although they produce energy, take turgor pressure away from the top canopy and accelerate die-back.

At Pro Arbor, we have been pruning the large trees of Arlington for years. Our arborists employ the techniques in pruning that have been scientifically proven to preserve the health of mature trees. For the sake of your heirloom trees, please call Pro Arbor for the care and pruning of them. Our tree service includes careful pruning, cabling, fertilizing, root collar excavation, and many more services that will improve the health of your trees.